A GKAD Project: Goodman & Filippo - Expertise / Leistungen

“Form follows function – that’s often misunderstood. Form and function should be one, united in a spiritual unity.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

High Frequency Architecture

High-frequency locations need to trigger a buy within a few seconds. GKAD uses the tool of design to guarantee this simple process. We create clear, direct function in our structures. We produce security through architecture that is durable for many years of use. We design for the highest level employee and customer satisfaction.

Consistent forms and content. Sophisticated offerings. Market-driven profiles. These are essential in locations like airports, train stations, and shopping malls. And they are the cornerstone of each of our plans and designs.

Transforming these requirements into architecture – that is not uncommon. But doing this with a unique, communicative design – that is our trademark. By predicting problems, we help our customers to better manage their location. We help them produce a stronger staff, and customer loyalty. Using design right from the start, we anticipate and improve the whole business.

We know: Design sells

We are best known for our passion creating groundbreaking concepts in the field of transport hub gastronomy. But our creative heartbeat also quickens for fine hotels with grand entrances and petite, warm cafes.

Our favorite part of working with restaurants, shops, and hotels is integrating brand with interior design. Indeed, it is among the most enticing challenge in all construction and architecture. We love creating elegantly arranged rooms with unique function, and bespoke brand design. Our architecture makes an experience the guest will not forget.

Thought-out concepts and intentional planning guide the consumer, reaching into their emotions. From this idea, we work with our customers to develop holistic design. Together, we achieve a valuable unique selling proposition.

Technical Building Infrastructure

Technical Building Infrastructure is the engine of every property. Without it, the building is just a shell. With our infrastructure, we give the building life. The individual elements of the TGA work together like the brain, the muscles and the nerves of the human body. We integrate each individual system so that the whole building works together, reliably, in harmony.

Our services:

  • We analyze existing buildings
  • We pre-plan integration of all involved trades: plumbing, electrical, HVAC, controls and regulation, et cetera…
  • We bring specialist planners and engineers into the project
  • We coordinate all infrastructure parts from all departments
  • We assess the scope requirements of outside specialists
  • We assess all technical expenses for building infrastructure
  • We integrate all systems for kitchen exhaust purification
  • We consult on codes impacting commercial infrastructure

Ivo Goeckmann

Educated at Kunstschule Blankenese, Hamburg. Studied in Frankfurt, Germany am Main, Germany and Brighton, England. Managing Partner of Macatec GmbH until 2011. Founding Partner of GKAD, 2005.

Michael Kleespies

Studied Interior Design in Mainz. Worked for Mack Innenausbau until 2003. Founding Partner of GKAD, 2005.

Sabrina Stelzer

Trained as a designer in Visual Marketing. Studied Interior Design in Mainz. Strengthening GKAD’s Design Department since 2015.

Julia Kneppeck

Trained as drafter and exhibition stand designer. Joined GKAD Interior design department in 2019.

Mohammadali Yansari

Educated at Azad Gorgan University. Joined the GKAD MRS / Planning Department in 2017.

Christina Locker

Trained as an architectural draftsman. Studied Interior Design in Trier. Joined the GKAD-Team in 2020.

Aline Akbari

Studied German and English at Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf. Copywriter at Leo Burnett, Wunderman. Freelanced at various creative collectives since 2000. Joined GKAD for creative influence in 2015.

Matthias Mayer

Trained as a Visual Designer. Freelance Assistant at GGK Frankfurt. Art Director at Team BBDO. Creative Director at Wunderman, Frankfurt. Freelanced at various creative collectives since 2000. Joined GKAD for creative influence in 2015.

Sunanda Halder Tannert

Master in Clothing & Textile Design at the National Institute of Design (NID) in India. A creative mind from creatiWITTY Germany, with a focus on trend, color and creative direction, and product and packaging design. Interior and style partner with GKAD since 2015.