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High-Frequency Architecture
GKAD designs for the special architectural needs of high-frequency locations like airports and shopping centers. With decades of experience, our architects employ creative design for your heavy use project. In each phase of HFA design, we examine every detail, all options, and plan through each hurtle. We create a holistic plan with clear milestones to completion. GKAD relies on our own honed processes to produce unique, dynamic, and pleasing environments.

Interior Design:
We use our expertise to create an airy space with a character of comfort. We bring materials, light, and sound together to design rooms that flow together in harmony. Graphic design and simple layouts produce a beautiful, thorough sensory experience. We manipulate light to influence form for a more pleasant room function. GKAD always uses avant-garde technology to develop unique lighting and sound design. We focus on the customer’s pleasure.

Brand Design:
We develop brands that are purely the entrepreneurial idea. We encompass long-term brand care in each aspect of design. From name development, to corporate design, we create a brand experience to enthrall all senses.

Product Design:
We design so that the modern consumer feels with all their senses. Using our process, we identify opportunities to engage emotion. We build pieces to complement our design and corporate identity. We produce furniture and other small touches that use unique materials to drive our narrative. The mobile units we created for the Frankfurt and Berlin Airports are excellent examples.

Every successful project needs a well-conceived plan. We work with operators and investors to implement the most promising ideas. We carefully target markets to align businesses with efficiency and profit. In planning, we verify the project and location are suitable using integration analysis. We use unique methods for both existing and new locations. In this way we work with investors to ensure success and smooth operation, from the beginning to the end.


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Shop des Jahres: Quickers Hamburg Altona 2018

FAB Award New Food & Beverage Concept of the Year (Europe): Goodman & Filippo 2017

Warsteiner Gastronomiepreis 2017: Chinaski 2017

Shop des Jahres: Quickers Düsseldorf 2015

Fizzz Award: Chinaski (Trend Konzept)

Worlds finest Club: Travolta

Shop des Jahres: Natural Frankfurt 2013

Shop des Jahres: Quickers Frankfurt 2012

FAB Award Best Fast Food / Quick Service Concept of the Year: Hermanns

Fizzz Award: Travolta (Bester Club)

Restaurant des Jahres: Lucullus

Top Restaurant: Lodge, Tafelspitz & Söhne, Lucullus

Top Location: Japan Tower, Long Island City Lounge, Long Island, Sansibar, Tafelspitz & Söhne, Travolta, Chinaski

Weinhandlung des Jahres: Lucullus


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